Date Opportunities and Resources
08/22/14Classroom Volunteer
Assist the teacher with classroom academic assistance to students in all academic areas. **Class Times:** Mondays and Wednesdays - 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (break 12pm – 1pm) Tuesdays and Thursdays - 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
08/21/14Preschool Vision Screener
Vision screenings are a portable and fast way to alert parents to possible vision problems in their children. Vision screenings can be conducted by anyone who is trained through a program approved by the State of Ohio. Interested? Click on t...
08/21/14Speakers Bureau Volunteer
Travel around the Cleveland area to make presentations on Cleveland Sight Center services and mission. Interested? Click on the "Apply Here" button to the right to submit your application.
10/22/13Explorers Club Volunteer
Provide sighted guide and walk or hike with individuals who are blind or have low vision around various trails / paths in the Greater Cleveland Area.
08/29/13Audio Describer
Using a simple headset, an Audio Describer paints a verbal picture of the costumes, actions, sets, etc. to patrons with vision loss to enhance their experience at a production in a theatre, movie, speech or other public venue. The description occ...
08/29/13Braille Transcriber
Transcribe print material into braille documents. [MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BRAILLE TRANSCRIBING](
08/29/13Case For Sight
This page is for student members of CWRU Case For Sight organization. Thank you for your service and interest in working with Cleveland Sight Center.
08/29/13Delta Gamma
This page is for student members of Delta Gamma. Thank you for your service and interest in working with Cleveland Sight Center.
08/29/13Golf Coach
Coach or assist golfers who have limited vision or blindness at the driving range and on the golf course.
Assist clients by reading mail and personal print materials.
08/29/13Recreation Volunteer
Assist staff with various social events such as movie night, game night, dances, local tours and club meetings.
08/29/13Sailing Captain or Mate Volunteer
Assist and teach individuals with limited vision and blindness the necessasry skills to handle all tasks on board a sail boat.
08/29/13Sculpture and Craft Volunteer
Assist with creating sculptures and other various crafts.
08/29/13Share the Vision Volunteer (Clients Only)
A telephone outreach program in which volunteers provide support to Cleveland Sight Center clients who are newly adjusting to low vision.
08/29/13Tandem Bike Captain
Ride through the beautiful Metro Parks sharing a bike with individuals who are blind or have low vision.